What is a Personal Chef?

Your personal chef, Lisa Heidelberg, is a trained culinary professional. She develops a menu and meal plan tailored for your needs and desires. Lisa does all the shopping, cooks meals in your home, places them in containers, and leaves behind a spotless kitchen along with detailed instructions on how to re-heat your meals.

Not only is Lisa’s service a replacement for the same-old food you’ve been eating for years, it also replaces the daily grind of shopping and cooking with something we all long for… our time.

One of the best benefits? Unlike dining out, your personal chef comes to you!

It’s that simple, and can be repeated as often as you choose.

Note: Most Chefs have a finite schedule and maximum number of clients they can serve. If you find a personal chef you love, you’ll want to routinely engage them and stay on their schedule!

Who could benefit from a Personal Chef?

  • Busy professionals
  • Families with hectic schedules
  • People with special dietary needs
  • New Parents
  • People recovering from surgery or health problems
  • Anyone tired of making the same old meals for themselves

Lisa Heidelberg showing her meal preparation skills

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